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This week we talk about the New Mexico Heathen Council’s forays to Pagan Pride Day. And how after years of workshops out reach and just plain being nice a goodly portion of Wiccans do not understand nor even try to understand us. From comments like, “We are as structured as the Catholics” to “You try to bring back the dead instead of building fresh and embracing the others. You know that your Odin is just another face of the God. You’re as bad as Republicans” Daniel Flores, joins us as a new host for the show, bringing in a Texan Theodish point of view to the show. And since we have a new co host Skype and XAT decides to fall under the “Galina Curse”

One Response to “Episode 147 Do Wicca and Asatru speak the same language?”

  1. elm96

    I don’t exactly know what you meant when you talked about people switching beliefs, but I’m guessing you meant New Age hippies.
    I am mostly of British decent so when I discovered Anglo Saxon Heathenism I fell in love, it was exactly what I was looking for, but I also started to get into druidism. I am by no means into New Age, but I can’t seem to differentiate between Heathenism and Druidism, and to be honest I don’t want to since both are valuable to me and a part of my culture, so I was wondering if you were lumping my type of heathens in with true New Agers who ‘Worship’ everything?

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