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Part 2 of our discussion on patron gods and cult practices contiunes tomorrow! What I am learning is the the Patron God aspect of Asatru is well I guess the word will be dying off As I talk with more and more Heathens are leaving the Christian aspect of following one god and turning to a more tribal and “cult” practice. Mark Ludwig Stinson is our guest tomorrow and I am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on our topic. He has built a pretty decent kindred, Jotons Bain Kindred in my not so humble opinion (No one else wants it) has dome a splendid job of blending old and new, cult and patron. Jill regrettably will not be in for she has sick kiddos. So folks call in keep the ball rolling, dont let me fly the 747 !!! Oh Jacob our young producer will not, Can you believe it he will not be in GERMAN CAMMO!!!!!, He will be in US Army ACU!!!!He used his allowance to by a brand new set!!!

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  1. raven

    So that is the official Face Book posting, but what does it mean? Matt tossed out some good points and partially corrected me on where I mentioned that the “Patron God(s)” is a hold over from the conversion and from Christianity, and that if the Catholic church. Well join in today and see wherethis ship takes us or if it runs aground!

  2. ScottW

    I missed the broadcast due to being at work by any chance did you tape this half? I would love to hear the follow up to the first part.

  3. raven

    Yup it is unloaded and ready! Thanks for listenig.

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