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Episode 141 Ancestral Cult

August 11th, 2013

Metal Month on Raven Radio, continues with a local New Mexico metal band Ancestral Cult and we talk with the Daniel Jackson, ( No relation to the person of the same name of Stargate fame!) Also we get an update on young Thor von Reichmuth and his battle with cancer at 5 years of age

Fenrismaw debuts their first album Hellcult! Damn fine piece of music. Included at no extra charge we talk with Josh Rood. His plans his move to Iceland and the future of Fenrismaw. Also we talk a bit on Eduard Thorsgothi von Reichmuth’s son Thor who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. We will keep everyone […]

Episode 138 Skygge

July 21st, 2013

This week we talk with a one man band from Arizona

Episode 137 Landvaetter

July 14th, 2013

Today we walk about Land Wights, Earth spirits, House wights Landvaetter. So what part do, they play in our daily lives? Were they truly hear first? Do they watch over our lives and our property, or is it just simple old fashioned superstition

Bob the Hung Over is actually in the studio today! We talk about the progression of Asatru from the early days to today. How we originally borrowed ceremony from the catholic church masses and early Wicca circles

This week we continue our discussion on heathenry behind bars.

This week we have a lengthy conversation with “Jimmy Dean”, a man who found heathenry while doing time. He enlightens us a great deal about what it means to be incarcerated, how one can practice heathenry, avoiding certain undesirable groups like the neo-nazis, etc.

This week we continue our previous discussion as it pertains to the young women

This week we talk about adulthood rituals, requirements, and education as they pertain specifically to the young men in our lives and communities

On this episode we had the honor of hosting a heathen musician who has been generating a lot of Internet buzz late, Will Rowan!



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