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Yeah, we did it folks. We opened the can o’ worms. Join us as we talk about the things that just royally tick us off about modern heathenry and Asatru. Later we talk about how we think some of these things can be fixed. Short answer: read good books. Long answer: read lots of good […]

Episode 156 Local Heathenry

March 6th, 2016

This month we have a full house as several guests join the regular hosts to discuss the importance and strengths of a focus on local heathenry over a wider regional or nationwide focus.

Welcome back, kiddies! It’s been almost three years since our last podcast, and a lot has changed in some ways. On this new episode, Dan, Chuck, Bil, and Bob reminisce on where we came from, and speculate on where heathenry is going both locally and worldwide. We are then joined by AFA founder Steve McNallen […]

This week we continue our discussion on heathenry behind bars.

This week we have a lengthy conversation with “Jimmy Dean”, a man who found heathenry while doing time. He enlightens us a great deal about what it means to be incarcerated, how one can practice heathenry, avoiding certain undesirable groups like the neo-nazis, etc.

This week we continue our previous discussion as it pertains to the young women

This week we talk about adulthood rituals, requirements, and education as they pertain specifically to the young men in our lives and communities

On this episode we had the honor of hosting a heathen musician who has been generating a lot of Internet buzz late, Will Rowan!

This week we tried to tackle the enormous topic that is death, and how it was handled by historical heathens as well as touching on how it is dealt with in modern society. And in addition we were graced with the Semi Tame Recon Heathen Current Asapope and our favorite Texan slumlord, Hundur Bubbason, and […]

When we were a few years younger, Chuck and Bob used to joke that the way our children would rebel is by converting to Christianity. This turned out to be not so much of a joke after all, as both of us had kids who did just that. So how did we deal with it? […]



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