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September 29th, 2015


Mark the date on your calendars, Raven Radio comes back on the air. After 2 years the gang has decided to torment the ears of Midgard and start kicking over rocks and logs and find new episodes.

On November 18th, 2009 in a bright and cold fall morning we went on the air on SRN. Cody and Bob did Ectoradio for years prior. Bil and I were the newcomers to radio. And we had a bunch of beer. But we were exploring new uncharted territory. We built on the original Odin Lives! show and Dave and Sandy Carron fantastic podcasts. We took it a step further and did the damn thing live and totally unscripted. That continued til November 9th 2013, and it was snowing, when we closed it down.
For something that started during Sumble along the lines of hey Letssss do a radio show. Yeah A LIVE radio show. You know we’ll have HICUP guests and musciks and shtuff….. And ALCOHOL Fueled in your face HEATHEN TALK!

Well a another sumble was upon us, it came up and the spark kindled the flame. I’ve thought of changing how we did things, clean things up and over all make it a better package.

Oh Hell NO!! Raven Radio is spontaneous., Unscripted. An easily derailed train with a bunch of lunatics trying to fly a 747! Its FUN!

And we’re coming back. January 10th 2016 Gods willing and the……….hell we’ll be there. YOU all be there to! We’ll be back on our original home SRN.


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  1. jiminthewolfshirt

    I’m lookin forward to it – your show was pretty interesting!

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