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March 13th, 2013

Well the studio move is complete hopefully everything is up and running. We’ll find out this Sunday as we do our first broadcast in our new studio. Ok it is my closet sized office at home in Edgewood. But it is NEW to Raven. We had to move the gunsafe, wedge in a desk for Jake, shoo the cats out. We have a new Skype number, (Tried to get away from it but not yet. CURSE YOU SKYPE). The new Skype is heathenradio and our new hotline is 505 715 6703. One major change is that Raven Radio is now totally LINUX POWERED! The main box is one that I built off an Asus board, AMD Phenom 2 hexacore processor 3.2 gigs per core 8 gigs of ram and a 2 terrabyte drive. We are running Dream Studio, built from Ubuntu 12.04 and Internet Disk Jockey (IDJC 0.8.2) is our broadcast engine.
Enough of the nerd talk. This week show is on Marriage. Dual religion households, Multi path house holds. Heathen households. How do folks handle the stresses of different holidays, different well hell rules. How do you raise children with Dad one faith and Mom another faith. This is what we are going to open up this Sunday in our start of of 3rd season. Raven Radio LIVE 9 am mountain 11 am Eastern back home of SRN! www.srnlive.com
Tune in and join us with the first show from Edgewood NM!

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