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When we were a few years younger, Chuck and Bob used to joke that the way our children would rebel is by converting to Christianity. This turned out to be not so much of a joke after all, as both of us had kids who did just that. So how did we deal with it? […]

We’re back after a short vacation! This episode is on the topic of mixed religions in a marriage and the difficulties and challenges it can present.

3 days

March 15th, 2013

3 days ’til the return of Raven Radio. Can’t WAIT!!!

Raven Radio Updates

March 13th, 2013

Well the studio move is complete hopefully everything is up and running. We’ll find out this Sunday as we do our first broadcast in our new studio. Ok it is my closet sized office at home in Edgewood. But it is NEW to Raven. We had to move the gunsafe, wedge in a desk for […]