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We discuss various ways people are judged to be ‘successful’ heathens. From ‘heathen cred’ as authors, to name dropping know it alls, the hosts talk about what they feel makes a person a success as a heathen in the modern world.

Sorry for the outage!

January 25th, 2013

As I’m sure you’ve noticed (since you are reading this), RR has returned. We apologize for the outage, since our domain name was up for renewal we took the opportunity to move it from it’s previous registrar to the host the site resides on, just to keep things a little better organized.

We continue our previous topic with our focus this week on the pros of a national organization, and how we could possibly get there. Discussion ranging from heathen children to legal assistance, with a final consensus that an American heathen ‘congress’ would be the best approach.

We have a fairly wide-ranging discussion of the differences between local and national heathen groups. We discuss the cons of national organizations and where past and current bodies we feel have failed to meet our needs. We then decided to continue this conversation on the next show wherein we will discuss the pros of national […]