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We have received another hate mail!! This one not from the Nazi contingent, but lo and be hold the Fundy Christians despertly in need of English 101 have sent us an ultimatium.
Ihate Pagans
Dec 26 (3 days ago)

to me, grundair, bobthesane
This affornt to God that you all persue is inflamintory to God and his work on earth. You all will be washed in his fire for offending his name, and offending the good god fearing people of his land. You are no better than them damn muslems who are blowing each other up. Mayvbe you all should blow each other up and quit offending God. Plus the mixings of races is terribloe and your talk about the goods points of gays and fags and such is painful to listen to.Sease and disist orders are issued and you will be let be. Keep on and ……………………………………………………….

So this is the latest to grace the in boxes of my self, Bob and the Station. Really you all want to complain PLEASE TURN ON SPELL CHECK!!

Now it has been brought up that the fire we had at our house and this letter are related. I don’t really think so. But we are not taking any chances. The Santa Fe County sheriff has been informed and all mails printed and sent to them. And our neighbor hood watch has increased , and a word of warning. We are country folk out here and we look out for each other. Also most of us are armed.
But this isn’t stopping us at Raven Radio. And if folks think we upset Xian Fundies, then they have another thing coming. So Join us on Sundays at 9 Mountain 11 Eastern and 4 GMT for Raven Radio. LIVE on the SRN Radio Network

So this is the latest to grace the inbox of Raqven

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  1. jiminthewolfshirt

    and you thought the grammar of “AmericanNazi Justice” was bad….

  2. dunter

    Mayvbe he is wrightdx. lol

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