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Here we have an email received by myself and Chuck. Well, here it is cut and pasted:

From: “AmericanNazi Justice” <americannazijustice@yahoo.com>
Date: Dec 2, 2012 9:30 PM
Subject: TIred of your atitude
To: <raven@ravenradio.info>

Your perversion of the white race is about to come to an end. You have profaned the Gods of the north and we intend to take that ability away. Your petty little internet radio and your love for the inferiors is an afront to the white race, Stop now orĀ  we will stop you

The way I figure it, if we’re receiving hate mail from nazitru, then we are having a positive effect on the world (at least a small portion of it).

Rest assured, the show will go on, in spite of the nearly illiterate threat above.

Oh, and “American Nazi Justice”:

Grammar – it’s not just a good idea. I want you to revisit your punctuation and capitalization rules, as well as check your spelling of the words “affront”, and “attitude”.

One Response to “We MUST be doing something right…”

  1. John T Mainer

    Two things speak of a man’s character; those who stand with him, and those who stand against him. I look at those standing with you and am proud to stand beside them. I look at those standing against you and understand the Nazi’s of today are living proof that cousins really should not marry. They are nothing but self propelled pop up targets with delusions of adequacy, screaming their hatred at a world they cannot understand or compete in.

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