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We discuss more about living heathen in today’s world.

We have received another hate mail!! This one not from the Nazi contingent, but lo and be hold the Fundy Christians despertly in need of English 101 have sent us an ultimatium. Ihate Pagans Dec 26 (3 days ago) to me, grundair, bobthesane This affornt to God that you all persue is inflamintory to God […]

This week we attempt a discussion about Yule traditions in Scandinavia. The talk then turns to a conversation about New Mexican cuisine (considered by some to be the sexiest food in Midgard!) If we’re nice, Chuck might even post his recipe for empinadas!

New Podcasts page

December 11th, 2012

In our continuing efforts to improve the site and its usability, I have replaced the old, manually updated and horribly OUT of date podcast page with a new, dynamically updated PHP driven one. The new podcast page is ordered oldest to newest based on episode number, and includes things like a built-in popup flash player […]

Episode 117 – Yule in Germany

December 9th, 2012

This week we hosted some guests from Germany! They gave us a quick run down on what they do as German heathens, and compared things like commercialism in Germany with what you find elsewhere. Later we discussed the ‘Santa Claus’ type figures found in many different cultures and it’s apparent lack in Anglo-Saxon England.

Here we have an email received by myself and Chuck. Well, here it is cut and pasted: From: “AmericanNazi Justice” <americannazijustice@yahoo.com> Date: Dec 2, 2012 9:30 PM Subject: TIred of your atitude To: <raven@ravenradio.info> Your perversion of the white race is about to come to an end. You have profaned the Gods of the north […]

On this episode we spent some quality time talking about Yule in Anglo Saxon England with Æscwine Æschering, who will be known to some of you from his intelligent postings on Asatru Lore


December 1st, 2012

The blog pages are starting to come in. So send a message to Bob or myself and we’ll get you hooked up. Rules are simple. Don’t be a douche.