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From his Wikipedia page: Stephan Grundy (born 1967 in New York, U.S.) is an American author best known for his modern adaptations of legendary sagas and also a non-fiction writer on Germanic mythology, Germanic paganism, and Germanic neopaganism, often under the pseudonym Kveldulf Gundarsson (with some variations in spelling).

Götterdämmerung, Rangarok, Twilight of the Gods. Myth, Legend, M.U.S. to make us more like Christians and their Armageddon myths? Was it just a part of the Voluspa with a rotating ending to suit the person it was being played for? (Like Lokasenna possibly). Stories made up to make us feel more of a part of […]

We bring on some very special guests, heathen teenagers to help us discuss the pressures and problems they face growing up heathen in a predominately Christian society. We also talk about what we as parents can do to help them get through it all, and they give us insight into what they think their duties […]