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Episode 85 – Ethics

February 24th, 2012

Ethics. Heathen Ethics, Do we have a “set” of Ethics? Did we borrow them? Do we share ours. Christian Ethics or Heathen Ethics Which do we “Modify”? The Christian set to suit ours? Or Ours to suit whomever? Do the nine Noble Virtues have anything to do with the subject at hand? What about the Havamal? Cat Burke of the Asatru Study Group and the AFA will be on hand as we delve into this subject. Oh to make it even better I’ll be on remote at Scout Camp at the Battle of Valverde in Socorro NM. Clovar (Louis) The Barbarian Will be flying the 747 this week so the chance of a fiery crash are no better than normal! But be good to The Barbarian! This week on Raven Radio! www.ravenradio.info
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Oh there is no more football so ya’ll have no more excuses!

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