Raven Radio


December 22nd, 2011

UPDATE!!! The Hitman, (Cody) Got the software reloaded in the studio, and redid some of the mics and a few other do dads, so when we come back on the air after the new year we will be better than ever, New shows new guests. I want to thank everyone who listens to Raven Radio […]

Episode 77 – Recipes

December 11th, 2011

Food! Booze! Tis the season to be feastin’! In this episode we talk about recipes.

This week we are talking about Yule,History , importance of gifting, Josh Heath and if we are lucky the Lovely Kitty English(HINT HINT HINT!!!) will join him as talk about the Open Halls project, and the importance of making sure our Warriors get a care package from the world. To top it all off, I […]