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November 23rd, 2011

IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: When we first set up this project, we created the registration page with the option of opting in our ‘pool’ of care package providers. When a service member requested/took up the offer of a care package, we would randomly select about three of the names on our opt-in list and put the two parties in contact with each other so they could exchange addresses and say what they’d like in their care packages (as different posts have different things available and there might have been something the service member needed but couldn’t get hold of so). However the last few times we’ve contacted people for care packages, we’ve hardly been getting any answers back. We understand that maybe our mails are going to spam boxes, so please check that we aren’t in your spam boxes. However we also understand that times have changed and that the economy is tough on everyone, so while hearts and minds might be in the right place, wallets might not be able to stretch. So we’re going to do a ‘reset’ on the care package option. Everyone who has registered and opted to be in the care package ‘pool’ will no longer be. If you would like to remain in the pool of care package providers, please email us at Heathenopenhalls@gmail.com and we’ll add you back!

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