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This Sunday is the show we have been working on for a few weeks. This is our Folkish, Universalist, Moderate, and Tribal show. There is NO VERSUS. We have an outstanding panel.David Carron, Randolf Millesson, Camille Klein, Cynthia Norris-Brooks and Mike Smith. As fine a panel of Heathens as one could ask for, this show can and will touch nerves, but I expect all to act with Frith and do not disrespect OUR house. The AFA has made the heathen News Circuit of late, and I expect that it will come up. if it does please discuss it with respect and good sources. I feel that this show will be a shining star in Asatru’s Crown since I know we will discuss a tough and potentially volatile subject with grace, respect and good Heathen sense. 2 hour show folks so we will have plenty of time to wring this out.
Sunday 9 am mountain 11 am Eastern 5 pm CEST.

3 Responses to “Episode 68 – Universalist? Folkish? Other?”

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  2. opossumshaman

    when will there be a podcast for this?

  3. raven

    Hopefully by this evening. It was a 2 hour show and there is a bunch of editing before it is ready for our listeners.


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