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August 20th, 2011

I would like to apologise for the delay in getting the podcast posted. I have had some pretty serious health issues with my wife, plus work and stuff, I have lacked the extra 4 hours per day. to get things done . I’ll get the last show posted as soon as I can and be back on live this Sunday
An update to this weeks show, and a fairly long posting here. First off we are changing just the format of the show. Raven Radio will be divided into 3 20 minute blocks.1st block will be reserved for.the hosts to set the mood of the show, background on the subject and the guest. The next 20 minutes will be devoted to our guest. No calls will be taken so that our guest gets the respect and attention they deserve
The reason for this is.we had a guest and we had a full chat room.and full Skype. Our guest did not get to talk about what we wanted. No fault of anyone , but it was disrespectful at least to my point of view. We asked Mark to come on and talk about his kindred and he got left out. We will take questions VIA the chat room at any time. The last 1/3 of the show we will open the phones and let er rip. We want to maximize our guests exposure on Raven Radio and makes sure everyone has their say. Plus during the times of switching we will play music. I would prefer to play Heathen Music, (Hint Hint) and with the artist permission it will be included on the podcasts.
Raven Radio survives because of YOU our listeners. We want to ensure it and make the show as enjoyable as we can, for as many Heathens as we can. Thank you all for making Raven Radio what it is today.
Bob, Bil, Jill, Luis, Cody and Chuck.

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