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August 13th, 2011

Tonight, Jill and I learned a lot in talking with Hundur, (Asapope Chris) and Gary (Justice For) for the last bit of Patron Gods. We will never leave the live showings of Raven Radio, but there is a lot of fun in just sitting down and talking.
Not having to pay attention to the chat and to Skype the boards all that makes a live show live. So we decided that we are going to do some podcast type shows. Ones that can be run when life makes it impossible to be live. But we are not going to just do ANY podcast about BS stuff. No sir we will tackle the soft under belly of Heathenism. The stuff you always wanted to know but where afraid to ask. So email us your ideas for the tough podcasts. You all can post your requests here on Facebook, Or if it is deep dark information you want brought to the the light of day use our email addresses.
Bil: bil@ravenradio.info

Bob: bobthesane@ravenradio.info​

Jill: brisingmen@ravenradio.info​

Louis: clovar@ravenradio.info

Or mine Raven Radio: raven@ravenradio.info

We would like to have a few built up sothat we can keep fresh content going and not having rto rely on “The Best of Raven Radio. And if we really like an idea it may become a live show. We want to thank each and every one of our listeners who have grown with us over that past year and a half. There is so much more to cove about Asatru, we have barely scratched the surface. Thank you all for supporting and listening to and more importantly being the main part of Raven Radio.

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    Where’s the podcast?

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