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July 13th, 2011

Sorry I haven’t been on as much as I should be. But we are moving up. Hitman put a Amazon Link on the page. When you buy books from Amazon start here and use our link. It helps to keep us going. Send in your show ideas, we’ll make sure you get credit. Heathen Businesses. I am working on a page for Heathen owned Businesses. A one stop shopping to support Heathens. Moot and Things. Blots and Sumble post em up. Send them in. It doesn’t matter if it is a huge Moot or a kindred gathering. We are here for al Heathens of Midgarth, and we really and truly appreciate every listener. Cody, Bob, Jill, Bill Louis and myself consider being the hosts a honor and not a job. It is so cool. I have talked with Heathens from almost everywhere on Midgarth. Soldiers in combat, sailors on ships at sea. Folks from Downunder to the birthplace of our faith. We come from all walks of life dirt poor to very well off. Ultra liberal to uber conservative. But for an hour or so a week we meet and talk about us. We talk about being Heathen and how we can be better at it. How we can learn more and how to make our time here better. Thank you all for spending a Sunday afternoon with us.
Chuck Hudson.
Junior Assistant Bottle Washer.

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  1. KT

    Greetings! New to the podcast, and think Raven Radio is awesome. We heard Memphis, TN, mentioned a few times. Are there any Heathen groups, meetups, etc. there?


  2. raven

    I’ll pass your commen on to Jill who is kind.of close.


  3. KT


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