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Hi guys! We’re currently revamping our site to make it a little easier for us to maintain and for our listeners to get to the info they want. Bear with us while we get all of this under control. The old forum at http://forum.ravenradio.info/ is closed for posting.



3 Responses to “Welcome to the new Raven Radio”

  1. Moriah

    Hopefully this is an easy question! I love your podcasts and often save them to listen to on my length commute to work. Since you started using Ustream, though, I haven’t been able to save them in .MP3 format for later listening on my Blackberry. Any advice?

    who misses her Raven Radio!

  2. raven

    Most have been converted to MP3s and can be downloaded here on the site. From here on out they will be available as audio podcasts too.

  3. wodensonband

    The band Wodenson has a new release available “Create a Space .com” and available thru “Amazon.com” (search Wodenson).
    The new release is called “Wodenson- Beside Mimir’s Well” and I also have a new release under the name “Charles D. Wodenson”
    called “Gold of the Gods” could anyone reading this help me get the word out ,please.
    Charles D. Wodenson

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